Reading the Rules Reference (V1.4.0, 5/28/19)

New rules update! Come inside to see how RIGHT we were about Transport X, and, you know, other important things.

New Rules Update! Effective yesterday, May 27th. Keep reading below for information on errata, new sections, and updated bits.

Lots of Clone Wars goodies in this one!

This is not an exhaustive recap, but it will go over the important things you need to know.


Coordinated Fire should read:

After a friendly Corps unit performs a ranged attack, if it spent 1 or more aim tokens, another friendly unit at range 1-2 may gain 1 aim token.

Cutting down on the rarely-used potential for serious aim spam.

New Sections

Agile X (pg. 13) allows a unit to gain X number of dodge tokens each time that unit performs a standard move. It also specifies that Agile X is “different from a dodge action, and does not trigger abilities that occur after dodge actions are performed.” This keyword will appear on the upcoming Tauntauns.

Coordinate: Unit Name/Type (pg. 24) says that if a unit with this keyword is issued an order, it may also issue an order to a friendly unit at range 1, as specified by the unit name or type.

Creature Trooper (pg. 27) goes into a lot of detail about how creature troopers work; namely that they are trooper units, but have a few special exceptions to normal rules (like not getting cover from barricades, and not being able to claim or sabotage/repair objectives).

Critical X (pg. 27) converts up to X surge results on attack to a critical hit.

Defend X (pg. 29) gains X dodge tokens when its unit is issued an order, but like Agile X is different than a dodge action.

Detachment: Unit Name/Type (pg. 30) allows some units to be placed in your army (like the upcoming Sandtrooper mortar) only if the specific other unit is also included. There are lots of deployment “if/and” clarifications in there, so if you’d like to run one of these guys you should read the whole section.

Fire Support (pg. 35) was added to the rules well before its release in the game with Clone Troopers. The relevant bit:

When another friendly unit performs a ranged attack, a unit that has the fire support keyword and a faceup order token may add eligible weapons to the attack pool.

Worth reading over this whole section if you’re interested in running Clones. Lots of caveats, as expected!

Graffiti Token (pg. 38) finally made it in, as well, just ahead of Sabine’s release. Basically, if a (friendly/enemy) unit has LOS on and range 1-2 from the token, it rolls one (more/fewer) die during the rally step.

Poison Token (pg. 50) was also added, and just covers its function. At the end of a unit’s activation, it suffers one wound for each poison token it has and then discards each token. Vehicles and droids can’t be poisoned.

Ram X (pg. 52) got its section in time for the creature trooper release as well. The relevant bit:

While a unit with the ram x keyword performs an attack, during the “Modify Attack Dice” step, it may change x attack die results to critical results if it performed at least 1 full standard move at its maximum speed during the same activation as this attack.

Recharge X (pg. 54) was added well ahead of droidekas’ release, simply syaing that when a unit with the keyword recovers, it may flip up to X inactive shield tokens to active.

Regenerate X (pg. 54) will be familiar to you if you’ve been watching Invader League like Bossk and Sabine’s other abilities. At the end of the unit’s activation, they roll 1 white defense die for each wound token they have, up to X. Paint removes one wound token.

Shield Token and Shielded X (pg. 57) get a whole long section ahead of Sabine and the Droidekas coming our way. Basically they allow you to add a block result to a ranged defense roll, and then are flipped from active to inactive. Units with the aforementioned Recharge X ability can then flip a certain number back to active, giving you more effective health per mini.

Interestingly, Pierce X can’t be used to cut through blocks added by shield tokens.

Spur (pg. 59) allows an eligible unit to gain 1 suppression token to increase its maximum speed by 1 for that move and that move only, up to a maximum of 3.

Target X (pg. 61) allows an eligible unit to gain X aim tokens when it is issued an order. It is different from an aim action.

Updated Sections

Area Terrain (pg. 8) has been updated to say that “creatures, emplacements, and walking vehicles with legs provide light cover, while wheeled or treaded vehicles provide heavy cover.” This was also updated in Cover on pages 25 and 26.

Arm X: Charge Type (pg. 14) specifies that charge tokens CAN be placed under friendly and enemy minis. A strategically important clarification.

Barricades (pg. 16) do not provide creature troopers with cover. The Outriders will be horrified!

Bounty (pg. 18) received a minor of ticky-tack updates, but also a couple big ones. I’ll post them in full to keep consistency.

If a unit with the bounty keyword causes an enemy unit with a victory token to receive one or more poison tokens, when the unit suffers wounds due to those poison tokens at the end of its next activation, if the unit is then defeated, the victory token moves to the unit with bounty, if able.

If a unit with the bounty keyword detonates a charge and that charge defeats an enemy unit with a victory token, the victory token moves to the unit with bounty, if able.

If a unit with the bounty keyword performs an attack against an enemy unit that is transporting a unit with a victory token, and causes the transported unit with a victory token to be defeated, the victory token moves to the unit with bounty, if able.

That final point takes care of an issue we brought to the table last week. Solved!

Command Cards (pg. 22) received a couple of timing updates for very specific cases, but also offered an official reminder that command hands are not public knowledge until individual cards are discarded, at which point they are.

Detonate X: Charge Type (pg. 31) now specifies that detonate can happen “after a unit controlled by any player, attacks, MOVES, or performs an action” – an important clarification. Thanks to Daniel Lupo for pointing this and the Arm X updates out to me. They were sneaky!

Difficult Terrain (pg. 32) was updated to say that “a unit that moves into base contact with difficult terrain but does not move through it or enter it does not suffer [a] speed reduction,” ending a debate I saw constantly on the Discord.

Embark and Disembark (pg. 33) was finally updated to clarify that a reverse is separate from a standard move, but doing more than one reverse still loses you an activation as per the other issue we brought up in the Transport post.

Ion X (pg. 41) now affects shields. Won’t have to worry about this until Droidekas roll out this fall!

Jump X (pg. 42) received two updates, saying that it can be used any time a unit would perform a move action or free move action (including Pull the Strings), and also that it must be used (if applicable) while a unit is panicking to help find the most direct route.

Leader (pg. 42) specifies that if you use an upgrade to add a new unit leader (like Imperial Officer) and that unit dies, you replace one of the other minis in the unit with aforementioned dead leader.

Movement (pg. 45) was updated to specify a “standard move”, meaning none of these are: reverse, pivot, climb, clamber, embark, disembark.

There were whole host of other updates to this section but they’re more niche (and they added a whole new Creature Trooper Movement Summary bit) so only read them if you really want to get into the weeds.

Noncombatant (pg. 47) now says that if a noncombatant’s unit leader is defeated, you can’t replace the noncombatant mini with the leader mini. This is a follow-up to the Leader update a few lines up.

Reposition (pg. 55) got the same “panic-eligible” update as Jump X, and it’s also noted that if a unit with this keyword is being moved by an opponent effect, Reposition can be used by the opponent during that move.

Standard Move (pg. 59) like movement and a half dozen other sections, was updated.

Transported (pg. 62) received a couple of updated we’ve generally covered, but if a transported unit panics, it ‘must disembark and flee the battlefield by the most expeditious route.’ Good to know officially.

Treat X: Capacity Y (pg. 62) was updated to clarify that creature troopers are eligible, too, and that instead of removing a wound the medic unit can also choose to remove a poison token. It works the same way.


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  1. If the unit leader mini in a unit with the noncombatant
    keyword is defeated, a noncombatant mini cannot be
    replaced by a new unit leader mini unless there are no other
    minis without the noncombatant keyword.


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