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NEW Legion Paint Sets! (May 2019)

A brand new announcement, straight from FFG: Legion-specific paint sets!

I try to not normally dabble in breaking news here at Imperial Discipline, but I couldn’t pass up this tidbit from today’s FFG Live Stream on Twitch featuring John and Evan, and the accompanying article.

Legion is finally getting its own line of dedicated paints! So far, there appear to be three distinct sets:

  • Core Paints
  • Imperial Paints
  • Rebel Paints

The Core Paint Set also comes with a set of two brushes.

All told, there are 34 paint colors and 2 washes between the three sets.

The Core Set will retail for $50 USD, and the faction sets will retail for $30 USD.

In my humble opinion, the eye-dropper bottles are perfect for beginner painters: much better control of your paint amounts, less likely to accidentally leave some on a brush, and take way longer to dry out (by a factor of years in some cases).

Now, if you’re an experienced painter the main benefit is probably just some level of coherent color-matching to the Star Wars universe, but you may not need to drop your favored paint brand and run to grab these if you aren’t feeling like it.

With names like “Stormtrooper Armor” for white and “Tusken Raider Tan,” this set can potentially be a great addition to the existing suite of Legion add-ons.

During the stream, John Shaffer said that they were designed to minimize (but not completely remove) the need for mixing paints; they’re trying to focus on a sensible gradient for shades and highlighting.

(And in a solid CYA moment, he also made sure to clarify that just because you saw something like “Jawa” or “Tusken Raider” in the name of the paints doesn’t mean you should expect them as units.)

Expect the new paint sets to drop in Q3 2019.

Read the full article here. Stills from the livestream below.


2 comments on “NEW Legion Paint Sets! (May 2019)

  1. FauxHammer

    Who are the paints made by?


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