The Clone Wars: What We Learned at Adepticon

New info on the Clone Wars in Legion from Adepticon!

Earlier this afternoon at their AdeptiCon panel, Fantasy Flight Games gave us a bit more information about the Clone Wars for Legion, so let’s dive in.

UPDATE – Official FFG Articles:

NEW: Clone Wars Core Set

Here’s what we know:

  • The CLONE WARS CORE SET will cost $99.95 USD and will include 39 miniatures for the CIS and Galactic Republic factions
  • It will be RELEASED IN Q3 of 2019
  • Republic side comes with:
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • BARC Speeder
    • 2 Phase I Clone Trooper Units
  • CIS side comes with:
    • General Grievous
    • 2 Droideka Units
    • 2 Battle Droid Units (9 minis each)
  • Some minis will have multiple sculpt/positioning options
  • Future minis will be on SPRUES/FRAMES – this will give them a higher quality overall, although will be a change for Legion players
  • An UPGRADE PACK will also become available to help new players save some money and get into the game faster with upgrade cards from previous releases

Q&A Additions

  • Separatists will have access to “Dark Side Only” powers and Republic will have access to “Light Side Only” powers
  • Eventually, FFG wants to bring all Legion units to the sprue/frame model
  • No app/points update confirmed, but Alex Davy is “certainly” looking at it
  • FFG won’t “completely drop” the Rebellion and Empire, but will slow down releases once Clone Wars are out to help catch up
  • On playstyle: “opportunity to deviate” from basic template. Separatists as a “horde” army (6 B1s are 36 points, “and they’re terrible”), Republic are “super elite” – highly trained, bred for battle, led by Jedi.
  • New token: SURGE TOKEN, convert one surge to hit or block
  • Alex hinted at the possibility of a future mercenary faction, but said that for the most part characters like Boba Fett mostly fall to one clear side (except for Hondo, he said, who you might well see)
  • New Learn to Play will come in the new core set
  • After the new core set is released, there will be an “injection of new battle cards” released
  • Creature Troopers (Tauntauns and ???) will not get cover from suppression

Photo dump below – thanks to the Fifth Trooper for streaming from the Legion side of things, and thanks to X-Wing’s Gold Squadron Podcast for providing another stream and some of the below screenshots.

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6 comments on “The Clone Wars: What We Learned at Adepticon

  1. Cole Walker


    But alas, my wallet is not. Yet…

    Liked by 1 person

    • psionicphazon

      Calm down, Reggie.

      Just kidding! On a scale of 1-10 in terms of excitement, I’m resting at a healthy rate of, eh 30,000?

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  2. psionicphazon

    Do we know if these factions are compatible with fighting the other 2, or will the rulesets for both eras be too different? I’m asking because my friend and I have a third friend who wants to get into Legion and a third faction would be fun to play, even if the battles are inaccurate to the time periods.


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