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Costume Contest Winners!

Announcing the winners of the inaugural Costume Contest! Click for some SPOOOOOOKY surprises.

A few weeks ago, I opened up the inaugural Imperial Discipline Costume Contest, for which we received more than 30 really wonderful entries from 15 people. Thank you all so much for submitting your creations, I had a blast looking over zombies, Gamorrean guards, and wicked cross-paints. Kudos to each one of you. It genuinely was extremely difficult to whittle the entries down.

However, as promised, there can only be four winners. Congratulations to talented creators below for their inspired entries!

Each winner will also be receiving a set of the LEGO Star Wars alt art command cards that I previewed in the initial article. I hope you enjoy them!

Now, presented in no particular order:

Bryce Collins – Spooky Battle-Damaged Vader

I really loved the subtle details on this one – the excellent scarring on the head, the exposed bicep, and the dirt on the lower half of the model. I think this would be a joy to take out on the battlefield. Well done!


Kyle Sellner – ROTJ Luke

I’m a sucker for a good base, and this was the coolest that I saw. The purple is a really nice balance to the green foliage and lightsaber, and the heavy cape is a really well done mod. The metallic hand, too, is a great touch.


Erastus Gorchild – Life Day Special Boba Fett

I received a number of really fantastic Boba conversions, but this was the cleanest of the lot. The colors are bold, the lines neat, and it comes from one of my favorite pieces of Star Wars media. Very pretty in its simplicity.


Steven Rasumussen – “Death Troopers” Zombies

Death Troopers is a wonderfully spooky Star Wars Legends novel, and I was so excited to see this impeccable squad of zombie Stormtroopers come through the form. As a full unit these guys are terrifying, and the bloodwork is really well done. I’d love to see some photos of these troopers in action.


Congratulations to all four winners, and I hope to see you all enter next year as well!

‘Til next time: happy painting, Commanders.

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