Terrain Tutorials: Industrial Silo (Corellian Shipyards, Part 2)

The finished product, a painted silo.

Last week we took a stab at some Corellian Shipyards terrain (a pipe barricade and a fun shop sign [could you read the Aurebesh?]). This week, we’re expanding on the theme with a piece of terrain with a specific function in mind.

The Rebel Scum already got their snipers, but I’m stuck here waiting for the official details article for Scout Troopers to arrive. All the same, I’m excited to see how snipers change Legion.

And what better way than to build a thematic sniper tower on Corellia? Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

The Materials

Here’s everything I used to build this particular structure:

  • A half-size “to-go” Pringles can
  • Two bendy straws
  • About a dozen staples
  • A bit of Green Stuff for modeling

Pre-painting silo: a pringles can, staples, and straws

First, I used a small knife to make incisions for the staples, then glued them in with my usual super glue. I really wanted to have a ladder on this piece because, according to the current Rules Reference, units can clamber up a ladder without rolling for damage. I think this is a cool addition to the terrain mechanic, and a perfect element for snipers to take advantage of.

Next, I cut about a centimeter off both ends of one straw, then attached them to the Pringles can with Green Stuff. Finally, I used a small amount of additional Green Stuff to make rivets around the can’s lip, giving it a bit more character.


The Details

The paint scheme for this silo is pretty similar to last week’s pipe barricades. I stuck with the cheap, acrylic metallic paint (Martha Stewart brand, so you know it’s good) since we had such a large surface area to cover. For the copper-esque pipe I used the same combo of Vallejo Flat Orange and Citadel Runelord Brass, although I think you could certainly get away with just the former, perhaps mixed with a bit of brown.

As I was painting the metallic grey, I did a few coats where I made sure to always have thick brush strokes that went from top to bottom. I wanted a brushed metal look, to be sure, but had to be careful that it didn’t become paintbrushed-metal instead.

To really kick up the contrast, I gave the whole thing a thick wash in Citadel Nuln Oil, then put a Citadel Stormhost Silver highlight on the ladder rungs to make them stand out.

Finally, I used a sponge to cover the exposed pipes and the top/bottom of the silo in Citadel Typhus Corrosion (although, to be honest, a dark brown would be just fine) to give a rusted and dirt effect. It was a mix of dabbing the paint on and smearing a bit as well, to give it a sort of fade.

And behold, the finished product, with a Stormtrooper for size reference:

Here’s where I’d put my Scout Trooper, IF I HAD ONE

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. As always, if you embark on this project yourself, I’d love to see the results in the comments or on Facebook or Reddit.

Happy building, Commanders!

1 comment on “Terrain Tutorials: Industrial Silo (Corellian Shipyards, Part 2)

  1. Great work. Very old-school Warhammer 40k – and perfect for the Star Wars games!


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