Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Tieren

In which I chat with Tieren, the incredibly kind and gracious creator of the unofficial Legion mod for TTS.

There are a lot of great things happening in the Legion community. Along with tips and tricks for painting, basing, and playing, I also wanted to highlight for beginners some of the amazing people that contribute to the game in unique ways.

Welcome to Community Spotlight!

Our first Spotlight is on Tieren, who you may have seen floating around the Legion Discord. Tieren created the unofficial Legion mod for Tabletop Simulator, and is a great person to chat with!

Tieren was kind enough to loan me some time and answer a few questions.

Shot of Legion TTS mod featuring the game starter module

So who are you, and what’s your history with tabletop gaming?

I’m Terrance from Singapore, or known online as Tieren. I work as a filmmaker/theatre actor. I started with Tauarmies with 40K and Tomb Kings from Warhammer, but didn’t really continue because I couldn’t support the hobby at the time.

When did you first start to get into Legion?

When I first made the mod! FFG doesn’t ship direct to Singapore, so we got everything like 2 months later than everyone else. But by then I had tons of games in because of the mod.

What made you decide to create an unofficial Legion mod for Tabletop Simulator?

I was so hyped up for legion when it was first announced because I loved the Star Wars universe and I thought the rule set was pretty elegant and tactical. Then there was the weird 7 months wait before legion officially dropped that we had no news. It was the period of time I kept checking FFG websites and forums everyday for news but nothing came.

So in my boredom I decided to mess around with TTS. It was pretty fun, and I just kept messing around with it until it was born.

In the beginning, what surprised you about making the mod? Was anything more difficult or easier than expected?

The coding was pretty hard, but fun to grapple with. I’m not a professional coder, so I’ve had to learn it while making the mod.

I think the thing that surprised me most was the community support and appreciation that really kept me going. The mod has close to 10,000 subscribers now, but when it started it was just a few peeps that were pretty passionate about it. The legion discord peeps have been pretty supportive, with people like McGoats and TalkPolite reaching out to me supporting the mod.

We had our first season of INVADER league earlier this year and it was quite a success, with 55 people joining and great sponsors like Imperial Terrain, Rebel Lightworks, STABcast and Tabletop Oddity, and about $300 in prizes. But it really started on a whim and if it weren’t for the Legion Discord and the sponsors, it wouldn’t have happened.

People have been clamouring for season 2, so we’re bringing it back real soon. It promises to have even larger number of signups and with the new units released, the meta looks to be really interesting.

What’s the most time-intensive part of keeping the mod up-to-date?

The new units and the new rules! With any new units released, the rules change ever so slightly that I’ve had to re tinker with how the mod functions. It’s been through quite a bit of iterations.

And, most importantly, what’s your…

  •  Favorite Star Wars movie?
    • Solo. I liked the heist plot and action sequences.
  •  Favorite Star Wars character?
    • Boba Fett! Something about his armour fascinates me.
  •  Wishlist for the future of Legion?
    • Mandalorian army. I want my corps units to fly damn it.
  • Favorite Legion list right now?
    • Palpatine and a ton of troopers. UNLIMITED POWAAAA


Many , many thanks to Tieren for taking the time to answer my (mostly) silly questions.

Tieren does a lot of incredible, often unsung work for this community and so I would like to take a second to plug two avenues through which you could consider supporting him financially:

If you’ve used and love the mod, maybe throw him a few bucks for a cup of coffee!.

Happy simulating, Commanders!

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