An Award and a Thank You

Last week I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’d won the Legion Discord’s inaugural painting competition for Rebels (and this, despite my complete reliance on Imperial lists) thanks to the Scarif scheme I wrote about, and which is pictured below.


Congratulations also to syncop8 who won the Imperial side with some amazingly detailed Stormtroopers in the style of the 501st. Really well done. I wish mine looked half as good, truly!


And special shoutouts to McGoats and the mods, for running both the Discord and the competition so ably (I’ll make my way to Jersey for a match soon!), and to macropredator, who also entered the Rebel side and has in my estimation the prettiest minis in Legion.

I’ll sport my t-shirt and command card alt art proudly.

I certainly wouldn’t have imagined this when I ordered my first brushes many months ago, but I’m thrilled all the same. Thank you very very much.

Now go click the link at the top of the sidebar and join the Discord in time for the next big event!

1 comment on “An Award and a Thank You

  1. Congratulations, mate! Well done! 🙂


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