The Saga Begins

Welcome to Imperial Discipline!

Welcome to Imperial Discipline!

In these early days (read: just a couple of months since the game was released) of the Star Wars Legion blog-o-sphere, I’ve found that there’s one big gap out there in uncharted space: a blog helping newbies get acquainted with not just the world of Legion strategy and minutiae, but helping them get acquainted with war gaming, too.

If you’ve landed on this blog you might find, like I did at one point, that Legion as a product and experience is extremely enticing to you. Commanding units of Stormtroopers or Rebels against pristine enemies on detailed battlefields is a wonderful experience, and you naturally want to be a part of it.

But if you’ve never painted before, never assembled minis or transported a small army before, then maybe that all seems a bit overwhelming.

Good news! That’s where Imperial Discipline comes in.

My hope for this blog is to create a space where first time war gamers, like myself, who have been drawn in by their love of the vast Star Wars universe can figure out everything they need to go from owning nothing to playing their first few Legion games.

I won’t be getting into detailed strategy or meta analysis (I’ll leave that to other, more capable folks) but I will do my best to cover as much information as possible.

I hope you enjoy your time here! And if you every have any questions/comments/criticisms, reach out to me on the Contact page.

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