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Impact X – Rules Update 1.2.0

This post has been archived with permission from the Impact X blog.

Impassable Terrain is clarified to mean terrain that you cannot move over via a standard move action, but that you can often Jump, Climb, Clamber over depending on the specific terrain. Previously there was some confusion leading to players believing “Impassible” meant impassible.

Bounty Keyword has been updated to show that any bounty token counts, it doesn’t have to be the one that the unit declared at deployment. meaning that if your Boba Fett kills the opponents Boba Fett who has already claimed their bounty, you get their bounty token. Or if at some point we get two units with Bounty, they are not specific to the unit that issued them so you can cross claim bounties. It has also been clarified that using Guardian X does not prevent the bounty token if the unit is killed in this way.

Charge has been updated to trigger off of Move Actions.. not just moves. so you can no longer No Time for Sorrows Luke into melee for an additional attack in the turn.

Climb and Clamber has been updated to allow units to use two clamber actions contiguously to allow units to climb over terrain without a flat surface on the top. previously this would not be possible because there was a stop in between actions where the game stat would be illegal. cohesion while climbing has been updated for clairty, but not changed.

Cohesion has been updated to prevent models from being placed into cohesion with any part of their base overhanging a ledge. previously this was only true while climbing, not while performing a standard move. Cohesion also has new duplicate entries mirroring the cohesion clauses in climb and clamber.

Compulsory Move has a new clause stating that if a unit has its maximum speed reduced while performing its compulsory move, it still counts as performing its maximum move as long as it has moved its full legal distance. This clarifies the interaction between immobilize tokens and compulsory move as well as difficult terrain and other possible game effects, but it doesn’t change existing rules.

Cover has been updated to read that when determining cover once you reach the “draw line from center to center” step the line is determined using a top down “2D” view. this prevents terrain that doesn’t touch the ground, but would otherwise provide heavy cover from not providing cover. Cover has also been updated to explicitly state that units on higher elevation will should have cover (unless slanted roof, etc.), this has always been true, but now clarified.

Declaring Terrain has been added. Although nothing in it is new from the section regarding terrain, there was still a lot of confusion around how cover is determined from terrain. this section takes the information in the beginning of the book and breaks it down into more clear bullet points.

Defeated has been updated to read that models leaving the battlefield during movement, even if their complete move brings them back onto the field, are defeated. it also has a clause stating that objective markers cant leave a battlefield with a unit. This is new and it was previously unclear if a unit counted as leaving a battle mid-move or only on final position.

Detonate has been clarified that it affects units in range, whether or not they are engaged in melee. It has also been clarified that detonate happens after its trigger, but before any additional triggers such as charge, steady, etc. with the exception of standby

Detonate X has been updated to have the same language on timing as detonate.

Discipline X keyword has been added. When a unit with Discipline X is issued and order it may remove X suppression tokens.

Emplacement Troopers have lost the ability to claim objectives or to repair/sabotage objectives.

Engaged has been clarified but not changed about what actions can affect engaged units.

Enrage X has been added. A unit with Enrage X gains courage – and charge. if it heals wounds to under the threshold it loses courage – and charge. when it gains courage – it immediately loses all suppression tokens on it and can not gain suppression.

Entourage X has been added. Entourage X grants essentially a bonus order from the unit that has it to an eligible unit that meets the requirements set forth under Entourage. This order must be issued to the unit named, meaning battle meditation does not work on it but otherwise triggers all normal effects that would happen as if the order came from a command card.

Immobilize has been updated to match the wording of Compulsory Move.

Indomitable has been added. A unit with this rolls red defense dice instead of white when rallying.

Ion has been clarified that you lose all ion tokens after your activation even if you have more than 2 ion tokens. It also clarifies that you can still perform free actions even if you lose both your normal actions. this is a clarification not a change.

Jump X has been updated to clarify that it allows you to ignore difficult terrain as well as to move through vehicles with a height equal or less than your jump value.

Leader has been added. A mini with the Leader keyword counts as the units leader and follows all normal rules of being the leader of that unit. the normal unit leader is no longer the leader.

Leaving the Battlefield has been updated. the language is now inline with the Defeated language. In addition you cannot voluntarily leave the battle by yourself or an opponent. this prevents force push from removing units, as well as units leaving the table to prevent bounty etc.

Master of the Force X has been updated to refresh the cards at the end of the activation – previously it was the end of the round. this is a big boost to Vaders Implacable as well as a general quality of life improvement for missed opportunities.

Melee has been clarified that while engaged, when holes in the engagement are created by minis that are defeated, models move in to fill those hole. If a model for some reason cant be placed into engagement with the enemy again, it is no longer in melee. this is a clarification not a change.

Movement has been updated to have its language inline with that of Leaving the Battlefield as well as accounting for Emplacement Troopers now. A mini now can not be placed so that its base overhangs a ledge at any point in movement, previously this was only during climbing.

Emplacement Trooper Movement added. They cannot climb or clamber, cannot move through vehicles, but can move through other trooper minis.

Ground Vehicle movement updated to state it cannot move through emplacement troopers or displace them.

Repulsor Vehicle movement updated to state it cannot displace emplacement troopers.

Non-Combatant Keyword added. Non-combatants cannot add unit weapon dice to attack pools, and cannot have wounds assigned to them unless they are the only non-leader mini left.

Objective Tokens have been updated to read that when you initially claim a token, it remains in the same spot until the unit moves – you can’t reposition it on the claim action. the language has also been updated inline with Leaving the Battlefield.

Pulling the Strings card action has been added. The attack or move count as actions, they trigger everything normal attack or move actions would trigger. the attack action since it is out of activation does not count towards the units attack action during its activation.

Range has been updated to read that range is always measured horizontal to the playing field. this makes the game cleaner and the game state more easy to figure out in terms of distance. Range has also been clarified that when measuring for an attack you measure from the unit leader, but most other abilities unless specifically stated are from mini to mini. these are both clarifications not changes.

Repair X Capacity Y card action has been added. You can use Repair X to remove wound, ion, or damage tokens from a vehicle at range 1 and in line of sight up to a total of X wounds. each action places 1 wound counter on the card with Repair X, only one wound no matter how many you repair, once you have wounds equal to your Y value you may no longer repair.

Resilience has been updated to reflect Repair ability. once a vehicle reaches its threshold of wounds it gains a damage token, if the damage token is removed it does not gain another one after suffering additional wounds, even if those wounds cause it to go over the threshold again (due to repair removing wounds).

Restore keyword added. References Treat and Repair.

Scout X is clarified to only work on deployment, not on place effects like Rapid Reinforcement.

Sidearm Keyword is added. A mini with the sidearm keyword must use the weapon on its card and cannot elect to use the units generic weapon.

Stand By action / token has been updated. Ground Vehicles can now use the Stand By action.

Teamwork keyword. units with teamwork gain dodge and aim tokens that their teamwork partner gains and in the same quantity as long as they are within range 1-2 of each other. Teamwork does not trigger off itself, thus ending the infinite loop.

Treat X Capacity Y card action added. Works the same as repair. Cannot treat Emplacement Troopers. Can add troopers back to a unit as long as there are members of that unit in range to target with the ability in the first place. restored minis must have been defeated this round.

Vehicle Damage tokens updated to be inline with the language of Repair.

Vehicles updated to state that ground vehicles can now perform stand by while repulsor vehicles cannot.

Weak Point Keyword updated to account for charges and area weapons.

Rules for team battle have been added

Card Errata:

KEY POSITIONS This battle card should read: “Setup: Place an objective token on the piece of terrain closest to the center of the battlefield (if multiple pieces are equally close to the center, the blue player chooses). Then, starting with the blue player, each player places 1 objective token on a piece of terrain. Each token must be placed on a piece of terrain that is completely outside all deployment zones and beyond range 1 of any other piece of terrain with an objective token. If a player is unable to place a token according to these rules, they can place that token on any piece of terrain that does not have an objective token and that is outside all deployment zones. If that token still cannot be placed, then it is not placed. Victory: At the end of the game, for each terrain piece with an objective token, the player who has the most unit leaders in base contact with that terrain piece gains 1 victory token.”

RAPID REINFORCEMENTS This battle card should read: “Starting with the blue player, each player sets aside 1 to 2 friendly non-commander, non-operative trooper units, marking each unit with a condition token. When a player draws an order token with a rank that matches a friendly set-aside unit, if they cannot choose a unit on the battlefield with a matching rank, they must place that set aside unit onto the battlefield, beyond range 2 of all enemy units if able. That unit is treated as activated and its order token is placed facedown.”

FORCE CHOKE This upgrade card should read: “Dark Side only. (free action) Choose a non-commander, non-operative enemy trooper mini at range 1. It suffers 1 wound.”

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