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Impact X – Rules Update 1.1.0

This post has been archived with permission from the Impact X blog.

Area Terrain now is defined as having a height equal to its highest point, whether that is a 5″ tree or a 1″ rock. Previously area terrain had no defined height and could potentially be infinitely high despite being nothing more than a two-dimensional piece of felt on the table. This change helps the rules around vehicles and units behind but not within area terrain interact more cleanly. Ground Vehicles and Emplacement troopers are now also defined as area terrain which helps clean up the cover they provide in game terms.

Area Weapons are added to the game. Area weapons affect every unit within the given area, defined as a range from the source. Roll the attack dice separately against each affected unit, you can’t roll once and use the result for all affected units. Also similarly area weapons cant be in the same dice pool as other weapons including other area weapons, so area weapons that detonate simultaneously such as the mines in mine field are rolled separately. Area weapons also count as ranged attacks meaning that you apply cover and dodge as normal and you also suffer a suppression from them for each time they are rolled against your unit. so the minefield condition that detonates twice will add 2 suppression and roll the dice twice against every unit within range 1 of the token.

Arm X ability is added to the game. Arm X takes an action to use and allows you to place X number of tokens within range 1 and LoS of the unit using the action. It works in conjunction with charge tokens and the detonate ability.  There does not seem to be a limit to the number of charge tokens you can have out at any time granted by the Arm X ability.

Attacks have been clarified to generate suppression only during a ranged attack against a trooper model. previously it was ambiguous as to whether or not melee attacks generated suppression. Splitting Attacks has also been clarified to only count as one attack no matter how many dice pools are created. only the actual action counts towards triggers. previously this was unaddressed although implied to be true.

Bounty Keyword has been added to the game. It is important to note that at the end of a game when adding bounty points to your victory points, that each model with bounty tokens only counts as 1 victory point no matter how many bounty tokens they may have. So under the following scenario you would still only score 1 VP – the enemy boba fett kills his target and claims his bounty, your boba fett kills the enemy boba fett and claims their bounty token as well as the bounty token you had placed on their boba fett, your boba fett now has 2 bounty tokens however only gains you 1 additional VP.

Card Actions have been clarified that although they may grant moves and attacks, they do not count against your total for such actions unless they announce they are actions of that type. for example Charge grants you a free attack action while Coordinated Bombardment grants you a free attack. This is not a change to the rules but a clarification for those who felt non-action attacks counted towards your attack action limit.

Charge Tokens have been aded to the game. Charge tokens represent explosives or similar effects on the field and are marked with an icon and color specific to each player and each type of charge.

Climbing has been clarified that you can not change facing when climbing or clambering with a unit that has a facing such as the ATRT. previously this was unaddressed.

Command Cards have been updated to include the operative unit type as well as to specify that command cards can only be included in your hand if you also brought the corresponding figure. previously you could only play command cards from the corresponding figure, but that didn’t necessarily stop you from bringing cards you could not use. Additionally non-character specific command cards must be issued from a commander, not from an operative.

Compulsory Move has been clarified to be a move not a move action. This will still trigger stand by tokens but will not trigger other abilities such as relentless or steady. Previously it was unclear as to whether it was a move action or not.

Condition Tokens have been updated to not be able to be placed under terrain… I dont know why anyone would think they could be… but they can be placed on terrain as normal as long as they fit completely on the surface. Previously placing things under terrain was not addressed because why would it be?

Courage and Suppression has been updated to clarify that you cannot lose an action by gaining suppression during a units activation. This is not a change, but previously it was unclear.

Cover has been updated – light cover is now granted by emplacement troopers and ground vehicles can now provide light or heavy cover depending on whether they are bipedal or wheel/track based. previously emplacement troopers didn’t exist and ground vehicles only provided light cover… implying that a wheel/tracked vehicle is coming?

Cover and LoS has now been officially updated to match the way that it was described in the alex davy email. first you check if a unit is visibly obscured then proceed to center to center line. most people have been playing this way, but it is now officially rules.

Cumbersome has now been clarified that you can fire the weapon out of activation whether the unit has moved that turn or not. This is not a change, but a clarification to existing rules.

Detonate has been added to the game – the wording here is similar to that of area weapons with the added clarification that the token is removed after detonating.

Detonate X keyword has been added to the game –  The main idea is that there is a window of opportunity to detonate a charge after every action by every unit. Each unit with Detonate X can detonate up to X number of charges during any of those windows, however it does not currently state that you are limited to once per turn. so if you had Detonate 2 you could detonate 2 charges during every window until you run out of charges, not just 2 per turn.

Displacement has been clarified that you cannot displace engaged trooper units, so ground vehicles can never move through them, however repulsor vehicles and other troopers can move through as per normal. This is not a change, but a clarification to existing rules.

Emplacement Trooper has been aded to the game. An Emplacement Trooper is defined as being a subtype of the Trooper type unit and thus is affected by every rule that affects trooper units, but also adheres to its own Emplacement Trooper rules such as granting area terrain cover, having a facing, unable to climb, cannot be displaced.

Free Actions have been clarified as to not be useable during windows that you could not normally take an action, such as between an action and a triggered ability. This is not new or a change but a clarification.

Gunslinger keyword has been added. Notably you get 2 attacks for one action, it is not 2 attack actions and thus does not have a timing window between them or trigger abilities twice.

Heavy Weapon Team has been added. A HWT counts the special weapon as the unit leader and thus will always have a special weapon in it.

High Velocity keyword has been aded. Weapons that have the High Velocity keyword cant have dodge tokens used against them.

Immobilize Tokens have been aded. Immobilize tokens reduces a units maximum speed by 1 for each token it has when making a move. It is important to note that it does not affect card abilities like Force Push nor does it stack with difficult terrain as difficult terrain cant reduce a units speed to less than 1. so a unit whose speed is 2, who has an immobilize token and is moving through difficult terrain will still move speed 1. A unit with speed 2 and 2 Immobilize tokens will be unable to make any moves however.

Impact X has been updated to be inline with the reminder text. You only convert hits to crits using Impact X while attacking units with the Armor keyword. This is not a change so much as fixing an omission that was intended to be there.

Impervious keyword is added. A unit with Impervious is not immune to pierce but has an increased chance of resisting, rolling one additional defense die for each instance of Pierce the attacker has.

Keywords have been clarified that all numerical keywords stack with themselves. Previously it was unclear if upgrade keywords stacked with existing keywords such as Stormtroopers with Targeting Scopes.

Low Profile has been added. Note that maximum cover is determined before reducing cover, and that cover doesn’t apply to melee.

Movement has been clarified that you cannot end your movement on top or condition or objective tokens, additionally units cannot end their movement on terrain that would cause them to be unstable or at a 45 degree or steeper angle. This is a clarification not a change to how the rules work.

Notched bases were updated to follow the updated rules of climb – they cannot change facing when climbing.

Objective tokens have been updated to state that objectives that use wound tokens as counters cannot gain them through means other than the means stated on the objective card. For example you cant force choke a moisture vaporator in sabotage.

Operatives have been added. Operatives operate similarly to commanders however dont confer their courage value to friendly units when checking for panic.

Plodding keyword has been added. A unit with Plodding cannot take more than one move action per activation but can move through other means normally.

Rally has been clarified to happen during every units activation, even if they dont have suppression. Previously this was not clear.

Reminder Text has been updated to note that it is not rules text. Previously it was used as rules text to discern the intentions for the interaction of Impact and Armor.

Reposition keyword has been added. A unit with Reposition can pivot before or after advancing, but not both.

Scout X has been added. A unit with Scout X makes a move with a speed equal to the speed of the keyword number immediately after being deployed before the opponent deploys or any other event.

Sentinel keyword has been added. A unit with Sentinel can make stand by attacks at range 1-3

Speeder X has been updated to match previously noted changes such as not being able to be placed on an objective or condition token.

Stationary keyword has been added. A unit with Stationary cannot advance. If it would panic, instead of moving it loses all actions and does nothing.

Uncanny Luck X has been added. A unit with Uncanny Luck may reroll a number of defense dice equal to their Uncanny Luck Value. All the rerolls must be at the same time, so you cannot reroll a single die multiple times until you get a success.

Weapons has been updated to include area weapons as indicated above.

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