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Impact X – X-34 Landspeeder

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The X-34 Landspeeder is one of the many examples of the Rebellion leveraging their ingenuity and limited resources to make everyday items into warmachines. The Landspeeders are civilian vehicles mounted with jury-rigged weapons making them lightly armored, mobile, and versatile weapons platforms and fast troop transports. The Landspeeder is the Rebels second heavy unit and introduces the Transport mechanic. The Landspeeder is usually included in a list with a specific goal in mind and therefore a specialized unit.


Base Unit Summary:

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Below Average: 0.65

  • Damage Consistency – Ranged: Average: N/A

  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: N/A

  • Damage Consistency – Melee: Average: N/A

  • Damage Resistance: Above Average: 34% + Armor 2 + Cover 1 (83.5% against no keyword dice pools)

  • Wounds: Below Average: 6

  • Threshold: Average: 75%

  • Range: Below Average: 1-2

  • Speed: Above Average: 3 + Compulsory Move

  • Role: Flanker, Transport

Unit Role:

The Landspeeder is a lightly armored transport that can be upgraded into a mobile weapons platform. its primary job is to get troops safely into position and then to harass  and flank the opponents troops. It is of little value on the field and moderately difficult to remove, but able to put out a lot of suppression and disruption, making it an ideal harassing unit.

Base Unit Analysis:

The Landspeeder is quite durable against small arms fire and generally not valuable enough to commit important attacks against making it a frustrating unit to deal with – and an ideal harassing and magnet unit. With Armor 2, Cover 1 it will be reducing most basic corps units damage down to 1 which it will have a 34% chance to block, meaning the opponent is forced to put huge volumes of fire into it or highly specialized attacks which would be better spent elsewhere. The speed of the X-34 is quite impressive when taking the base size into account, combined with the ability to transport a single model, and this will be its primary purpose before it begins its harassing run. The base damage output is laughable without any upgrades, with only slightly higher than a coin flip to deal a suppression against most units. With upgrades, arsenal 3, and the ability to displace though it can put out quite a bit of suppression and some damage. This really opens up a new play style of hit and run gurilla tactics to the rebels and a way to engage in non-direct confrontation.

Unique Upgrade Analysis:

  • Ryder Azadi: For 5 points and a pilot upgrade slot Ryder can exhaust to increase or decrease the vehicle’s speed by one for one movement. This can be strong if your game plan revolves around moving quickly to drop a key unit in a critical space.. or if you find yourself often having trouble navigating terrain with the Landspeeder. Otherwise it is a specialized upgrade that will see limited play.

  • Outer Rim Speeder Jockey: The Speeder Jockey increases a repulsor vehicles cover by 1 and will be the more common pilot on both the more common pilot on both the landspeeder and the Airspeeder. With Cover 2 and Armor 2 the landspeeder will be essential immune to most non-specialized weapons forcing the opponent to use higher quality attacks or huge volumes of attacks to get criticals. This should be a default upgrade on both the Land and Air Speeders.

  • A-300 Rifle Gunner: For 9 points this upgrade increases the base damage output from 0.625 to 1.3 which is not much better in terms of damage output, but more importantly it doubles your possible suppression output and increases your range to 1-3 which can really change how you play the Landspeeder. Because the land speeder has 2 crew slots and there is nothing else competing for this slot it is often a good choice to bring this upgrade unless you are bringing 2 crew and a hard point at which point you would be hitting the limit of your arsenal and have to evaluate how you plan to use them.

  • RPS-6 Rocket Crew: the RPS rocket costs 36 points and adds Impact 2 and 1.825 damage, making the upgrade itself points efficient when compared to 40 points of corps troop damage, but leaves the landspeeder still very inefficient at 2.5 damage for 111 or 3.125 for 120 with both crew. However the addition of impact in rebels is always welcome and it adds a possible 3rd suppression to the unit. The RPS rocket may be taken or left depending on the amount of Impact your list requires.

  • Mark 2 Medium Blaster: For 34 points and a hard point upgrade this weapon adds 2.5 damage to a unit in your front arc. Making this a very efficient upgrade in terms of points spent for damage gained, but the Landspeeder remains points inefficient in terms of damage output only even after adding the medium blaster. If damage output is something you want out of your X-34 then the medium blaster is a strong weapon to consider.

  • M-4 Ion Blaster: The M-4 adds 1.925 damage, Impact 1, and Ion 1 for 38 points and an exhaust to fire. This makes the M-4 efficient and when combined with the RPS-6 creates quite a strong anti-vehicle weapons platform. Making a die pool with 4.425 damage Impact 3 and Ion 1. Arguably the best anti-vehicle option at the moment.

Suggested Upgrades:

The Landspeeder has a Pilot Upgrade, 2 Crew, 1 Hard Point, and a Comms Slot. Despite all the options I think it has 2 loadouts that will be common; they are pretty similar so we will outline them together – the harasser and the vehicle hunter.

The Pilot upgrade will almost always be the Speeder Jockey because of the amount of damage reduction he adds to the vehicle and is only 10 points. If you are taking any upgrades on the X-34 I think he is also included.

The First build is the harasser and will take both the Crew upgrades to make it a total of 130 points  (Pilot, Crew, Crew). This version is focused on hit and run tactics, drawing fire away from the rest of your forces and being a nuisance. It has 3 weapons making maximum use of arsenal 3 and can put out 3 suppression from attacks plus what it can add from displacement. It’s damage output is 3.125.

The Second version is the vehicle hunter who will take both the Rocket and the Ion Blaster. The speeder will be able to close the distance on opposing vehicles quickly and unload a 4.425 Impact 3 Ion 1 attack which can cripple opposing vehicles quickly.

The Comms slot can be left empty, but an HQ uplink goes well in this slot on either version, allowing you to activate before your target and land the Ion or spread suppression around.

Suggested Tactics:

As discussed above the X-34 has two main play styles, and each play style is strong into a certain kind of meta. The vehicle hunter landspeeder is very very strong in a vehicle heavy meta and will have success moving around the board hitting a vehicle dealing 2-3 damage and Ionizing the target before zooming off again out of range or out of sight. The Harasser style landspeeder is at home in a trooper heavy meta where it can zoom across the board, drop off a passenger, and then careen into the flank of an enemy and disrupt them heavily while eating a lot of your opponents attention and activations to deal with it.

With both styles of Landspeeder you will play them fairly similarly, but with different targets in mind. With the Vehicle Hunter, because the weapon pool has Ion you will want your landspeeder to go earlier in the round to land that Ion token and control your opponents activations – same with the Harasser Landspeeder but you will want to be splashing suppression on as many targets as possible to reduce and control your opponent. One thing to keep in mind when selecting targets is that the X-34 is an opportunity predator. Even though your goal may be to Ionize a vehicle or splash suppression to control the opponent’s turn, because the X-34 is so fast and mobile it often can find ways to make it to unsupported units who are vulnerable – it is important to identify these opportunities and take them when you can. For example catching a sniper team without cover or finishing off the remains of a trooper unit can often be more beneficial than 2 wounds on a vehicle or 3 suppression and no damage on troopers. Learning where to find opportunities and drive a wedge are the key to making the X-34 an offensive piece and more than just a control piece.

The X-34 also introduces the transport mechanic to Rebels and allows them to carry a single model across the battlefield. In most lists bringing the Landspeeder you will want to have a model in mind to deliver to the opponent. In most cases this will be Luke, Han, Sabine, or some other single high efficiency model. Note that if the transport makes more than one standard move then the transported model only gets one speed one move when disembarking… on the landspeeder this is okay because it moves so fast you can almost guarantee that you can drop the unit into a safe space so they can activate the next turn. This is an especially strong tactic on Luke or Sabine who can then jump over their protecting terrain the following turn for maximum effect. After dropping off the transported unit to its location you can use the landspeeder as a harassing unit as normal.

Counter Tactics:

 The Landspeeder is a really annoying piece to deal with, but luckily its total output is pretty low which makes it less of a priority. If you face an opponent who is playing a Landspeeder that is transporting a character you want to focus on that vehicle as much as you can until it or the unit inside it is dead. Once it drops its passenger off though it is best to ignore it and focus on more pressing units unless you truly have nothing better to do with attacks.

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