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Impact X – Wookiee Warriors

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Wookiee Warriors are self sufficient skirmishers, they are melee power houses, and they are hardy enough to shrug off even the most vicious attacks. In Star Wars: Legion the Wookiee Warriors are a Rebel elite unit option. They are fast, sturdy, and efficient in melee – and as such see specialized use in of Rebel forces.


 Base Unit Summary: 

  • Ranged Damage: 3 – 80% efficient
  • Ranged Throughput: 1.5 – 80% efficient
  • Melee Damage: 3.75 – 133% efficient
  • Melee Throughput: 1.875 – 133% efficient
  • Damage Resistance: 16.7% – 33.4% efficient
  • Effective Wounds: 10.5 – 124% efficient
  • Attrition: 5 wounds – 133% efficient
  • Range: 1-2 – 66% efficient
  • Speed: 12” – 100% efficient
  • Courage: 2 – 200% efficient
  • Role: Melee, Skirmisher

Unit Role:

Wookiee Warriors are a skirmishing unit who are outstanding in melee, but but bring some ranged options too. They are self sufficient and mobile and thus a strong flanking unit. Their primary job is to engage the enemy units and hold objectives in locations that other troops aren’t suited for, and to mix things up between ranged and melee.

Base Unit Analysis:

The base unit of Wookiee Warriors are slightly below average in damage output, but way above average in attrition value, meaning that although they don’t do a ton of damage upfront, they will do more than average over the course of a whole game. It is also important to note that they mix things up almost equally well between ranged and melee. They are hard to panic and suppress at courage 2 and Indomitable making them fairly self sufficient. They can handle any terrain easily and at speed with their Unhindered and Expert Climber keywords, combined with Charge makes them ideal at taking enemies by surprise from hard to get places. All of this combined makes Wookiee Warriors one of the most versatile units to date.

Unique Upgrade Analysis:

  • Bowcaster Wookiee: This upgrade adds a fourth figure to the unit increasing their health from 9 to 12 and their ranged damage from 3 to 4.25, it also increases melee damage from 3.75 to 5 making them quite efficient in melee. Interestingly though, the addition of Pierce and Impact 1 at range makes their efficiency at range quite good as well – increasing their expected damage after damage resistance from 1.5 to 3.125. Because of how much this adds to attrition, damage, and efficiency the Bowcaster is strongly recommended when taking the Wookiee Warriors.

  • Ranged Damage: 4.25 – 70% efficient
  • Ranged Throughput: 2.625 – 87% efficient
  • Melee Damage: 5.875 – 130% efficient
  • Melee Throughput: 2.937 – 130% efficient
  • Damage Resistance: 16.7% – 33.4% efficient
  • Effective Wounds: 14 – 103% efficient
  • Attrition: 8 wounds – 133% efficient
  • Range: 1-2 – 66% efficient
  • Speed: 12” – 100% efficient
  • Courage: 2 – 200% efficient
  • Role: Melee, Skirmisher

Suggested Upgrades:

The Wookiee Warriors have two Training upgrade slots, a Gear slot, a Grenade slot, and a Specialist upgrade slot.

The Wookiee Warriors begin at 75 points making them relatively expensive, but not inefficient. Allowing you room to give them upgrades to better suit their role in your list. In general though it is best to keep the unit under 120 points to maintain efficiency.

The first consideration when upgrading your Wookiee Warriors is whether or not you want to take the Bowcaster. Generally it is a good idea to increase the units attrition value from the extra health, as well as increase their damage output. If you are taking the Wookiee Warriors you should generally be taking the Bowcaster as well.

The second place to look at upgrades on the Wookiee Warriors is in their Training upgrades. The two to look at are Tenacity which works really well on them with their high health and low armor save, nearly ensuring that they will get their extra Tenacity die – increasing their expected damage output in melee by 0.875. If you have taken the Bowcaster and Tenacity your total cost is now 114 and your melee damage output (after taking 1 wound) is 5.875 increasing their efficiency as well as their attrition value. Combining this with Hunter will also give them an aim token when targeting a wounded character or unit greatly increasing both their damage output and their action economy. Tenacity is a strong choice but generally Hunter can be skipped on Wookiee Warriors.

Their Gear slot contains some useful upgrades you can take if you have the points to spare, but are by no means essential. Recon Intel is the first Gear upgrade to look at, allowing the Wookiee Warriors to get into position early and claim their objective or lay in ambush.

The Grenade slot is a bit unnecessary on the Wookiee Warriors as their ranged attack is decent at range 2 and their melee is quite good. Skip the grenade slot unless there is a specific thing you are lacking like Impact.

Suggested Tactics:

The tactics for the Wookiee Warrior at their simplest form are quite basic: move them up to engage enemies at range until you get close enough to charge in and wreck them in melee. The hardest part of playing the wookiee Warriors is figuring out that transition between when to stop shooting and charge in to melee.

Because of their high courage value and Indomitable keyword they are excellent at playing further away from your commander and main forces and as such make for excellent flankers. This is the primary way you will want to run the Wookiee Warriors – as a self sufficient force who is able to hold a flank on their own. Their Expert Climber & Unhindered keyword makes them even better at running through cover and hard to reach places to either claim objectives or ambush enemies… and you will be wanting to spend time in cover with them a lot to help offset their inherently low damage resistance.

The second way you can run the Wookiee Warriors is as a speed bump or a counter punch to your main forces. Because in Star Wars: Legion troops can move through troops, in situations where you don’t want your Wookiees off jungling on their own you can run them with your main forces in waves. Either as the first wave that enemies will focus on allowing the rest of your troops to get into position – they will often die in this role, but that doesn’t make them a waste if they slow your opponent long enough for the rest of your forces to do what they need to do. To run them as a counter punch, put them behind your main forces and once the main forces begin their engagements the Wookiees can then take advantage of their Charge keyword to run through your front line and start swinging in melee.

It’s a bit hard to give a complete breakdown of how to use the Wookiees because they are so general and universally good. But the good new is you can put them into any position or any role in the battlefield and you won’t regret it – .

Counter Tactics:

The counter to wookiees is fairly simple. Their poor damage resistance is their downfall, but they have a high pool of health. So the solution is to put a large volume of shots into them to take them down. The key is to prioritize putting your low value shots into them first as most keywords will be a waste on them. Ideally these shots come from units that put out volume instead of quality such as Stormtroopers or Rebel Troopers with a Z6. Keep in mind that they can advance up to 2 range bands and make a melee attack with charge, so engage them from range 3 and beyond and remember to back up if it looks like the Wookiees can advance into charge range soon.

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