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Impact X – Leia Organa: Fearless and Inventive

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Leia Organa is a politician turned to a cunning general out of necessity to lead the Rebel Alliance to victory and avenge her planet of Alderaan. In Star Wars: Legion Leia is a support commander who leads from the back, skilled at enhancing her troops and getting the most effect she can out of every unit no matter how bad the casualties might be.


Base Unit Summary: (commander)

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Below Average: 1.875
  • Damage Consistency- Ranged: Above Average: surge to crit, sharpshooter 2, pierce 1
  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: 1.875
  • Damage Consistency- Melee: Above Average: surge to crit
  • Damage Resistance: Below Average: 33.4%
  • Wounds: Average: 6
  • Attrition: Above Average: 6/figure
  • Range: Below Average: 1-2
  • Speed: Average: 2
  • Courage: Above Average: 2
  • Role: Commander, Support

Unit Role:

Leia Organa is a support commander, leading from the back and increasing the efficiency and durability of her units more than directly contributing to the fight. Her command cards are also very efficient at getting an advantage in scenario play, if a bit tricksy to use sometimes.

Base Unit Analysis:

Leia Organa’s combat stats are on the low end, however her primary focus in on increasing the durability of her troops and increasing their utility, not on directly contributing to the fight herself. To this end Leia is quite effective at her job. She is able to hand out dodge tokens to two of her other units at range two and to remove two suppression from troops near her – significantly increasing the action efficiency of your forces. When Leia does need to inflict some damage on her own she is able to apply a small amount very accurately and consistently whether it be from her blaster or from her tactical strike in Coordinated Bombardment. Leia also has a fairly low survivability however if she is able to remain out of LoS of enemies or behind cover with a dodge token she is often not worth the opponent putting the bulk of their attacks against to overcome the dodge and cover – which greatly increases her survivability. Leia’s damage output is also a bit underrated on paper. Although her damage output is below average, her damage consistency and throughput are so high that she actually does an average amount of damage or more when compared to an average unit targeting a unit that is behind cover. An average unit will do 4 points and cover will remove 2 of them, then the opponents damage resistance will remove another 1 leaving 1 damage total. Leia will likely do 2 points, cover will remove none of them and their damage resistance will remove 1 which Leia will then Pierce meaning she will average 2 damage making her average damage output against units in the open and above average damage output against units that are dug in… although Leia is good at dealing damage, her limited range, low survivability, and strong support abilities mean that attacking should always be secondary and out of opportunity rather than intent.

Unique Upgrade Analysis:

  • Leia Organa has no unique upgrades at this point.

Command Cards:

  • Coordinated Bombardment: initiative 1, Leia only; this command card allows Leia to take an additional three attacks using the weapon listed on the command card after her activation. Because it is not an attack action and it happens outside of her normal activation, Leia is not bound by the “single attack action per activation” limit with this card, so she can make a normal attack and then still make three additional attacks with this card after. Coordinated Bombardment is best used against an opponent’s infantry as it will not end up being a significant amount of damage but will often cause one wound and place a suppression on the unit. Generally this card is best used for the suppression and any damage that makes its way through is an added bonus. If you are able to use this card early you may be able to take advantage of the suppressed units losing an action so that you can get your units into place around the objective before the opponent can.
  • No Time for Sorrows initiative 2, 2 trooper units; this command card gives an order to two trooper units and gives them an immediate free speed 1 move when they receive the order. This card should be held as long as possible and played mid to late game. Often this card is best at giving a unit a bit of extra threat range to charge into an opponent who thought they were safe, or to make the last bit of space needed to claim an objective. Although all of Leia’s cards are powerful, this card has the most potential to outright and directly win a game. If this card can be used to get Luke into melee early and safely then this is a great use for the card, or if it can move a unit who is in imminent danger of being destroyed back to safety then do that, otherwise hold it until late game to get the last bit of tactical advantage you can on scoring scenario points.
  • Somebody has to Save Our Skins: initiative 3, Leia and 2 units; This card allows you to essentially activate two units one after the other without the opponent being able to respond in between. Generally this is a good card to use in your opening engagement to get your attrition advantage early. Often a key part of Rebel strategy is to out activate your opponent so that you can hold your key activations later in the turn until after the enemy is spent so that you can use those units free from recourse. Using this card early and focusing Leia and one of your other units onto the same enemy unit will often allow you to eliminate that unit from the table giving you just a bit more of an attrition and activation advantage early on, which if you can hold onto should put you on a good path to victory.

Suggested Upgrades:

Leia has two command upgrade slots and she can make good use out of them. Generally it is a good idea to put Esteemed Leader on her because of how fragile she can be, however beyond that Improvised Orders or Commanding Presence are also good ideas to help give Leia a stronger control over her activations. For the most part though, the less upgrades on Leia the better, so that you can spend more points on your other rebel heroes who will contribute directly to the fight, such as Luke, Han, or Chewbacca.

Wave 2 Update:

With the addition of wave 2 expansions Leia now have access to several new and useful upgrade options, although it is still recommended to keep her cost minimal. Emergency Stims can be a good upgrade on her, but should not replace Esteemed Leader.

Suggested Tactics:

Leia is most efficient when supporting her troopers. In general she wants to lead from the back lending troops her command bubble and handing out dodge tokens. Leia generally wants to activate early or mid turn so that you can make the most use out of both Take Cover and Inspire. The timing on her unique command cards can be tricky but generally she will want to use most of them mid or late game rather than early.

Conditions permitting in most cases you will want to open your game using Coordinated Bombardment to put some suppression out early and help you secure your objectives earlier than your opponent. Her other command cards are really situationally dependent though and there isn’t a good prescriptive turn for either, as long as you feel you will get the most use out of their abilities.

Leia has quite a strong gun on her, but her fragility and the guns limited range means she is unlikely to use it most games. However if she is in a position where she can use Take Cover and doesn’t need to move – if she is already holding an objective for example – then she can take some shots at enemies who get too close. Leia’s weapon is very good at finishing off small units due to her Sharpshooter 2 and pierce.

Leia is also well suited to holding objectives in your back lines since she generally doesn’t want to be too close to the action and can provide a lot of her support from further away. In scenarios like Intercept the Transmissions or Key Positions consider Leia as one of your scenario holding units.

The key to getting the most use out of Leia as possible is learning when to use which command card and to have a strong foundation for playing with Rebel Troopers. You will generally want 1-2 units of Rebel Troopers with her to make the most out of her Take Cover ability and her scenario play with Command Cards.

Counter Tactics: 

Leia is not much of a threat in and of herself, but she excels at supporting her units and in controlling the pace of battle with her command cards. When facing an opponent running Leia she is generally not your top priority, however if you do get an opportunity to take her off the table at range it is well worth it, especially if she still has command cards she hasn’t used yet. If you are able to defeat Leia midway through the game it is often a viable strategy to then change your tactics to suppress and panic the opponents troops into uselessness. However keep in mind that Rebels tends to bring multiple commanders as well, and those troops may not panic and run if they are close enough to the other leader.

For the most part playing against a force commanded by Leia Organa is not much different than facing the same force lead by any other commander. She does not command enough threat to warrant focusing on her unless the  opponent presents the opportunity. In general it is best to focus on the scenario and handle the rest of the opponents forces in the way that you normally would. However keep in mind her command cards, especially No Time for Sorrows, as it can cost you a scenario if you weren’t counting on the extra range.

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