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Impact X – Jyn Erso: Stardust

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Jyn is our Stardust. Reluctant rebel, but dedicated to the cause and the greater good – and the chances of her using that blaster against you are high. In Star Wars: Legion Jyn is the fourth commander and first commander not from the original trilogy and she brings a whole new set of tricks to the way the Rebels play.



Base Unit Summary: (commander)

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Below Average: 2.125* see upgrades below
  • Damage Consistency Ranged: Above Average: surge to crit, Pierce 1, Sharpshooter 1
  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: 2.5
  • Damage Consistency – Melee: Above Average: surge to crit
  • Damage Resistance: Below Average: 33.4%
  • Wounds: Average: 6
  • Attrition: Above Average: 6/figure
  • Range: Average: 1-3* see upgrades below
  • Speed: Average: 2
  • Courage: Above Average: 3
  • Role: Commander, Control, Objective Focused, Special

Unit Role:

Jyn is a commander who excels in disrupting her opponents plans and procuring the objective. She does this through her command cards, Infiltrate Keyword, and her bag of defensive tricks. Jyn is adaptable on the field and can be played in different ways according to your needs.

Base Unit Analysis:

At first glance Jyn might seem like a hybrid of Han, Leia, and Luke; taking some abilities from one or the other and being useful in much the same way – and that point of view isn’t entirely wrong, but it misses a lot of the subtlety that can make playing Jyn so enjoyable. Jyn’s ranged damage output is not good, but it’s consistent – at range she will be putting out about 2 damage which after cover, sharpshooter, saves, and pierce comes out to one wound dealt which is by no means good for the amount of points she costs. Han is doing a similar amount of damage, but twice per activation and he is much better when cover isn’t involved. Jyn also has some troop supporting abilities like leia, but unlike leia who can use them every turn, Jyn’s are tied to command cards, so although they are slightly better abilities, they are not  as consistent or reliable either. Jyn also has some impressive leadership and melee abilities; her Courage 3 is matched with Luke for the highest in faction, and her melee output is not bad, but unlike Luke she only gets charge once per game and she does not have melee pierce. Being in a hybrid role and a jack of all trades is pretty valuable and makes her quite flexible, but even with that there are some areas Jyn outshines the other rebel commanders – Defense and Objectives.

Jyn has incredible defensive stats when things are working in her favor. Her base defense of 33.4% seems not great, but there are a lot of subtleties to her defensive tech. Her Quick Thinking and Nimble means that she is going to have a dodge token most of the time. Her Danger Sense means that not only will she be gaining cover from suppression, but will have up to 4 extra defense dice each save. So to give an example If a full 80 point unit does their expected 4 damage, against a Jyn who is in light cover with dodge and 4 suppression she will negate 2 from cover, a third from dodge, and then roll 5 white dice with surge against the last wound giving her somewhere around 94% damage resistance. but let’s make it even harder. Let’s say that a unit of 6 snowtroopers with frag grenades and flamethrower attacks jyn in the same situation – those snowtroopers are expected to get 5 wounds on Jyn and ignore her cover. In that worst case situation Jyn would dodge one wound down to 4, and then roll 8 defense dice against the 4 wounds preventing an average of 2.67 or have a 73.5% damage reduction making her the most defensively capable rebel commander under the right circumstances.

Jyn’s ability to play the objectives also out classes the other commanders to date – and in fact that is her primary focus. Jyn introduces the Infiltrate mechanic to the game, which allows her to deploy anywhere on the board beyond range 3 of enemies, meaning that quite often she can start the game on an objective. Jyn also has the defensive capabilities to sit on an objective and hold it. But possibly most importantly, she has a high command value and a command card that prevents units from panicking or being suppressed for a turn – this means that it is much harder for the opponent to get your units to drop their claimed objectives, or to slow them down and keep them from getting away. Making her the most capable objective focused commander in rebels if not the game.

Unique Upgrade Analysis:

  • A-180 Blaster: This is an arsenal upgrade that is unique to Jyn and costs 0 points. Because it is unique and free we incorporated its abilities into her base stat analysis. This is a double sided card that has two configurations. Pistol Config and Rifle Config. As a Pistol, which is the side it will most often be turned to, it attacks with 2 red and 1 white with pierce 1 at range 1-2 making it average 2.125 damage. As a Rifle Config this weapon throws 2 black 1 white at range 1-3 with pierce 1 making it deal 1.625 which is not great but can be useful when holding an objective. Because this upgrade is free and there are no competing upgrades this card should always be taken with Jyn.

Command Cards:

  • Rebellious: initiative 1, Jyn Erso only; This command card gives Jyn Charge and a standby like ability, it is important to note that it is not standby. Unlike standby the range this ability triggers at is not upgraded by the Sentinel keyword, but in exchange this ability cannot be negated by gaining suppression and occurs when a unit activates but before its rally step. Rebellious is a versatile and very useful card – being usable as a defensive, offensive, or purely control style maneuver. In an offensive use Rebellious can be used to shoot a unit before it activates dealing a wound and suppression to the unit at a critical moment. Defensively this card can be used to make a full speed 2 move away from the enemy and into the safety of cover or out of line of sight before they have a chance to respond. The most interesting use though is the control aspect of Rebellious; With also gaining charge it allows Jyn to potentially move into melee with a unit, hit them with a suppressive weapon which can potentially suppress or panic them, and it also dictates what their options for the units turn are – now they can only withdraw or attack Jyn which could prevent them from attacking a more valuable unit or even prevent them from interacting with the objective.
  • Trust Goes Both Ways: initiative 2, Jyn Erso and 1 Trooper unit; This is another quite powerful and versatile card. This card issues an order to Jyn and one other trooper and gives them Teamwork with each other… and as if that wasn’t enough, Jyn also gains Inspire 2.  At worst this allows Jyn to get a dodge token before activating, but more commonly this will allow Jyn to use quick thinking to give a dodge and an Aim token to the other unit. At the extreme ends though it is possible to stack this effect with other Teamwork units such as Han and Chewie. In this scenario any token that any of them take gets multiplied out amongst all of them. So let’s say Jyn issues an order to herself and Han or Chewie, she then uses quick thinking and all 3 of them gain an Aim and a Dodge – and this can spin even further when combined with abilities like Hunter, Spotter, or Take Cover. The Inspire 2 is just a bonus and can be used at a critical time to manage suppression on the board, but keep in mind that unfortunately she cannot inspire herself.
  • Complete the Mission: initiative 3, 3 Trooepr units; This is quite possibly Jyn’s strongest card, but it also depends on your army composition and the objective being played. Complete the Mission issues an order to any 3 trooper units and in addition Jyn gains Low Profile whether she is issued an order or not. Every trooper issued an order can elect to gain one suppression when it is issued the order. When a unit with a face up order token activates it rallies as normal but cannot become panicked or suppressed no matter how many suppression it has, and when a unit with a face up order token ends it’s activation it may remove a suppression token whether or not it elected to take one when it was issued and order. There is a lot of info to unpack there, but it’s not complicated, just multiple simple interactions. The hardest part will be remembering to use them. Essentially this card grants you extra defense in the form of suppression, and everything you gain from that, whether it’s Low Profile, Danger Sense, or just the cover granted by suppression. In addition units issued orders can’t be suppressed or panicked during the round, meaning they are guaranteed to get both their actions, and more importantly if they are holding a claimed objective they can’t drop it due to panic so they are much more likely to score the point. This card is best used at the end of a game to clench the scenario in your favor, but can also be good mid game to give yourself an attrition advantage using the extra defense and guaranteed two actions to out last and out gun your opponent.

Suggested Upgrades:

Jyn has quite a broad set of upgrades she can take with her Command, Training, Gear, and Arsenal upgrade slots.

Because her A-180 rifle costs 0 point and there are no upgrades in competition for it, it should always be taken on Jyn giving her a ranged weapon option.

The Training upgrade slot has a lot of good options available, but the first thing to consider on Jyn is Duck and Cover. unlike previous models who wanted it, Duck and Cover on Jyn is valuable beyond just the first suppression she takes. Each suppression gives her another die on her defense roll up to an additional 4. Tenacity is also a valuable consideration if playing a more offensive style Jyn, with Tenacity Jyn’s melee output becomes a respectable 3.375, although because Jyn only has charge one turn a game this is less suggested than Duck and Cover which is valuable all the time.

Jyn’s Command Upgrade also has some interesting options. Esteemed Leader is a valuable choice, increasing her longevity – but because she is often going to infiltrate beyond the range of corps units it is not always a realistically useable. Improvised orders can be quite valuable as Jyn will often be fielded along a diverse army composition including Pathfinders, Commandos, etc. But probably the best option is Strict Orders which allows units with a face up order token to opt to remove one suppression when rallying instead of rolling dice. This is particularly useful since many of the units she wants to field want one suppression on them and the more reliable suppression control can be quite valuable.

The gear slot can be a difficult choice on Jyn. There are several good options to consider. Most Notably are the mobility enhancing upgrades; Recon Intel, Environmental Gear, and Grappling Hooks. All of these are useful and cheap, but I think Environmental Gear may be the most universally useable. Recon Intel allows a Jyn to Infiltrate at range 3 of an enemy and then scout forward into defense or onto an objective. Grappling Hooks does great work for Jyn’s upward mobility, but only when there is vertical terrain. Environmental gear on the other hand allows Jyn to move at full speed through all difficult terrain including barricades and thus is more generally applicable. Gear like Emergency Stims can be quite useful as well but because of its high cost and Jyn’s generally good defense it is not the most efficient upgrade on her.

Suggested Tactics:

Jyn is best used as an objective focused commander first and a problem solver second – and as you’ve seen above, her tool kit fits this role quite nicely. When it comes to Jyn your strategy and planning have to start at deployment, where you place her on the board using infiltrate is critical. Jyn wants to be deployed near a contested objective so that you can get an early advantage in scenario. But it is very important to make sure she is supported or in a strong defensive position or she is likely to be lost early in the game.

Once the game is underway Jyn’s game plan should be to focus on the objective and to stall the opponent from reaching their objective as well as to solve problems the opponent presents. Yes this is the goal for all commanders, but with Jyn you have the toolset focused on this first and foremost, even above dealing wounds to the opponent. If Jyn has the option to wound a unit or to move away with an objective piece, it is almost always better for her plan to advance the objective.

What your initial plan entails depends on the terrain available and which mission is at hand.

Recover the Supplies is Jyn’s preferred scenario as she can infiltrate onto the center objective and potentially gain you a game winning scenario point at the beginning. make sure to support her with pathfinders or other units and to claim the objectives and tuttle up as early as you can.

Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators is also a decent scenario for Jyn as she can infiltrate near an opponents objective and delay them from scoring points on it even possibly turning that objective in her favor.

Breakthrough is also a good scenario for Jyn. She can infiltrate to a far flank and then sneak around into the opponents deployment zone. make sure to support her and not advance her too fast or you are likely to lose her early.

Key Positions and Intercept the Transmissions are similar in that she can infiltrate to the center objective and while she can’t steal it outright but she can set you up early to have defenders advantage and slow your opponents progress towards the objectives.

In every scenario though you will want to have her supported so Pathfinders or Commandos with Recon Intel are crucial to her game plans.

Outside of her main goal of stealing the scenario, Jyn is a problem solver and a bit more reactive to the opponents plan so it is hard to prescribe an over all strategy to her other than the scenario. Remember to asses the situation and keep in mind her deep bag of tricks when evaluating how to play Jyn.

Counter Tactics:

Once Jyn has her defenses up she is incredibly hard to remove. The best way to handle her is to hit her early and hard with high quality weapons. Weapons that remove her cover and have pierce are ideal, but getting into melee with a melee unit is also quite valuable at reducing her defenses.

Most notably, boba fett with his sharpshooter 2, pierce, and even rocket launcher have a significant chance of eliminating Jyn early. Luke and Vader also have a strong chance if they can engage her in melee.

If you are unable to remove her, keep in mind that she is going to be pressuring you hard on the objective and you need to do your best to not let her run away with the show. This means that you will also have to focus on objectives above all else from the beginning. It is important to remember her bag of tricks as well and not fall into her traps or let her control how you interact with the objective.

Your best strategy is eliminate her early though. Once she is entrenched she will be a big problem.

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