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Impact X – Fleet Troopers

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Fleet Troopers are specialized units within the Rebellion; They are the naval ground forces and trained for fighting in the tight quarters of a starship. In Star Wars: Legion the Fleet Troopers are the Rebels second corps unit option. They are lightly armored and short ranged, but pack a big punch – and as such see specialized use in the Rebel’s forces.



 Base Unit Summary: 

  • Ranged Damage: 3 – 136% efficient
  • Ranged Throughput: 1.5 – 136% efficient
  • Melee Damage: 2.5 – 150% efficient
  • Melee Throughput: 1.5 – 150% efficient
  • Damage Resistance: 33.4% – 66.8% efficient
  • Effective Wounds: 5.336 – 107% efficient
  • Attrition: 1 wound – 45% efficient
  • Range: 1-2 – 66.6% efficient
  • Speed: 2 100% efficient
  • Courage: 1 – 100% efficient
  • Role: Close Range Damage

Unit Role:

Fleet Troopers are your short range damage dealers. They excel at weaving through terrain and digging in near an objectives. Any enemy trooper units who get close wont last long.

Base Unit Analysis:

The base unit of Fleet Troopers are a mixed bag, they have below average survivability and range, but significantly above average damage output. Unlike Rebel Troopers, they don’t have a mitigating factor for their below average survivability. Fleet Troopers do however gain an aim token when they stand by, doubling down on their impressive fire power and short range. The above average damage dealing and below average survivability are pretty balanced, making the Fleet Troopers more or less efficient for their 44 points.

Unique Upgrade Analysis:


  • Scatter Gun: The Scatter Gun doesn’t change the way the Fleet Troopers play, it just makes them better at what they already do. The Scatter Gun adds 1.75 and Pierce 1 to the already impressive 3 damage the Fleet Trooper do, increasing the damage output by more than 50% as well as removing one of the enemies successful saves. Because the Scatter Gun is red dice it can be a reliable weapon to split fire with, however its best use it to deal more damage to the primary target unit. The Scatter Gun is a strongly recommended weapon.
  • MPL-57 Barrage: The Fleet Trooper’s MPL-57 is much different from the Rebel Troopers MPL-57. The Barrage also adds 1.5 damage, but instead of adding Ion 1 and Impact 1 it adds Impact 2 and Blast making the Barrage a very versatile weapon. The MPL-57 can change the way that fleet troopers play, allowing them to engage at longer distances or more effectively target vehicles, but because it exhausts to shoot I think the best way to play it is to add it to a main attack and remove cover from the target unit. The MPL-57 is situationally strong, although keep in mind that its primary advantages are both available as grenade slot upgrades, the MPL-57 is generally a less efficient pick than the scatter gun and grenades.

Suggested Upgrades:

Fleet Troopers without upgrades already do significantly more damage than would be expected for their points, however their below average survivability makes it hard to keep them on the table. Because of this you would be fine using them without upgrades and trying to get as much work out of them as you can before they die. However if you are going to be adding more upgrades and points onto them I would start with an extra trooper and scatter gun to increase the number of wounds on the table. With an extra trooper and Scatter Gun we also find that the unit puts out 5.5 damage compared to the 4 damage output expected from an 80 point unit. I also find that Concussion grenades are a good addition to the unit when not taking an MPL-57 – although the base weapon does more damage than the grenade, only a single model has to throw the grenade to remove cover increasing the units overall damage significantly.

Wave 3 Update:

With the addition of wave 3 expansions the Fleet Troopers now have access to several new and useful upgrade options.

Fragmentation Grenades: Unlike other corps units. Fleet Troopers gain a negligible benefit from Frag Grenades. it increases their damage output by only .125 per model and lowers their variance so although they will be more consistent they will have much lower ceilings.

Recon Intel: for just 2 points this gives your unit scout 2, which is a pretty good benefit. If you have the points to spare you should consider it, especially because of Fleet Troopers limited range. Getting them into place early can be essential.

Officer Upgrade: The Officer Upgrade takes the slot of your generic trooper upgrade and costs 8 points more. For the difference you are gaining an extra point of courage making these units able to play farther from your commander. they also gain Inspire 1 which makes them a great rally point for the rest of your troops to center around. The officer is recommended on Fleet Troopers because the increased courage value is often the difference between getting to move and shoot or being stuck just out of range.

Comms Specialist: The Comms Specialist upgrade takes one of your personnel slots for a reduced price and gives you a comm upgrade spot in return, but you must equip a comm upgrade. The Comm specialist is key in several command card strategies and most of them involve taking a comms relay or an HQ uplink to spread your order tokens or to generate more order tokens.

Medic Specialist: Medic Specialist takes a personnel slot and is a non-combatant meaning it can’t add dice to attacks and must be the last unit to be removed before the unit leader. The medic is a useful upgrade to help your attrition advantage, especially when playing with multi wound units or key characters.

Mechanic Specialist: The Mechanic or Astromech upgrades take a personnel slot at a greatly reduced cost, however they also have the non-combatant keyword so they don’t contribute to the fight and are the last to be removed, however when playing with vehicles they can greatly increase the longevity of units

Suggested Starting Point:

  • Ranged Damage: 5.5 – 127.9% efficient
  • Ranged Throughput: 3.25 – 151% efficient
  • Melee Damage: 3.75 – 116% efficient
  • Melee Throughput: 1.875 – 116% efficient
  • Damage Resistance: 33.4% – 66.8% efficient
  • Effective Wounds: 8 – 82% efficient
  • Attrition: 4 wounds – 93% efficient
  • Range: 1-2 – 66.6% efficient
  • Speed: 2 100% efficient
  • Courage: 2 – 200% efficient
  • Role: Close Range Damage

Other Configurations:

Suggested Tactics:

Because Fleet Troopers are not very survivable and their weapons are short range, they should avoid situations where they are able to be shot without being able to shoot back. Keeping them hidden behind LoS blocking terrain until the enemy is close enough to engage is a reliable strategy; keep this in mind when choosing where to deploy them as well. The ideal situation is to have them move up to an objective behind terrain and have them stand by. Not only are they contributing to the mission score, but when the enemy inevitably has to move around the corner to get LOS and deal with them the Fleet Troopers can take a very damaging attack first. If you are able to keep them hidden behind terrain in an area the enemy has to deal with them, it is a good idea to take an aim and a standby when possible. Because they gain a second aim token when they stand by they will be able to deal an extreme 7.85 (with extra trooper and scattergun), ending most units before they have a chance to do anything else.

Although LoS blocking terrain is your most predictable way of getting Fleet Troopers into the fight, there are better ways. If you are able to get Rapid Reinforcements or Limited Visibility conditions for the mission, you are able to get the unit to where they need to be with almost no chance of retaliation. Under the Limited Visibility condition you will want to rush them forward into defensible positions as you normally would, however you can be a little more daring with the added range limitations. With Rapid Reinforcements the Fleet Troopers are air dropped right where you want them to be, usually behind enemy lines although it could be near an objective too, where they can cause havoc and huge amounts of damage forcing the enemy to turn around and deal with them.

Counter Tactics: 

When playing against Fleet Troopers keep in mind that you will out range them in most situations, use range to your advantage. If you are able to take some shots at them before they are in range a lot of their threat and effectiveness is gone. also suppression will keep them from being able to move up and attack you, often forcing them to move to a safer location. Fleet Troopers have no extra mitigating abilities to help their poor survivability, so once they start taking shots they go down fast. If Fleet Troopers have dug in with a stand by token, it is a good idea to try and shoot them at range, removing their stand by and giving them a suppression. It is never a great idea to take a stand by shot from them if you can avoid it.

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