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Impact X – Boba Fett: Infamous Bounty Hunter

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Boba Fett is a ruthless bounty hunter armed to the teeth with cool toys hidden in his armor and stopping at nothing to get the job done. In Star Wars: Legion Boba Fett is the first Imperial Operative and he brings a whole new set of tricks to the way the Empire plays.



Base Unit Summary: (commander)

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Below Average: 2.5
  • Damage Consistency Ranged: Above Average: surge to crit, Pierce 1, Impact 1, Sharpshooter 2
  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: 1.75
  • Damage Consistency – Melee: Above Average: surge to crit
  • Damage Resistance: Above Average: 66.8% + Impervious
  • Wounds: Below Average: 5
  • Attrition: Above Average: 5/figure
  • Range: Average: 1-3
  • Speed: Above Average: 3
  • Courage: Above Average: 3
  • Role: Operative, Control, Flanker, Special

Unit Role:

Boba Fett is a mixed bag of tricks and tools and can be played in several different ways. You can use his Arsenal 2 and Whipcord to make him a strong control element. You can use his incredible speed and mobility to flank your enemy troops and hit their weak spots and support. Fetts speed and the Bounty ability also make him a strong unit at giving you the edge on scenario points throughout the game.

Base Unit Analysis:

Boba Fett is very fast, mobile, and durable – in fact he has one of the best damage resistances in the game at 66.8%. His speed and jump ability make him more maneuverable than any other troop unit to date. Fett’s damage output however is very very low at 1.25 per attack with two attacks, but he makes up for that by being very consistent and versatile – combined with his speed and mobility he is able to apply that small amount of damage reliably to key targets. Moreover when he starts the game he can declare a bounty on enemy commanders or operatives – if he is able to deliver the killing blow to that bounty then he can earn you an extra scenario point which can turn the course of a game. Although Fett isn’t a commander he brings his own set of command card options with powerful abilities that also add to his cost and value.

Unique Upgrade Analysis:

  • Boba Fett has no unique upgrades at this point.

Command Cards:

  • Whipcord Launcher: initiative 1, Fett only; The Whipcord Launcher is an incredibly strong control card. During the turn you have this card active as a free action you can give a trooper unit at range 1 and in LoS 2 suppression and 2 immobilized tokens. Reducing their speed by 2, often to 0! as well as most likely taking one of their actions away on the next turn. During this turn Fett can also freely leave melee engagements with enemies that have an immobilized token without losing any speed or actions. Using this card Fett can get himself into sticky situations with confidence that he can get out again. An ideal use of this card for example would be to move Fett up the board to a scenario element and within charge range of Luke… however issuing the immobilized tokens to Luke prevents him from charging or even moving at all.
  • ZX Flame Projector: initiative 2, Fett only; This tricky card gives Fett a one use flamethrower – and the best flamethrower in the game at that. Fett can be used as a control piece and sometimes that means rushing into enemy troop units to keep them from moving, and coincidently sometimes your opponent will rush troops to engage Fett to keep him away from his bounty or other scenario objectives. Luckily the ZX flamethrower gives Fett a quick and easy way to clear out troops he is engaged with or nearby in either instance.
  • Z-6 Jetpack Launcher: initiative 3, Fett only; This card represents yet another toy in Fett’s toolbox. A once per game missile he can shoot at targets that absolutely must die. While this weapon has Impact 2 it is often best not used against vehicles and better directed against the unit that Fetts bounty is on giving Fett a possible 3 red 2 black die pool against a target at range 3.

Suggested Upgrades:

Fett has two Training and two Gear upgrade slots giving him limited variety but strong options in upgrades.

If you are playing Fett as a flanker and bounty hunter then Hunter is a strong upgrade to consider on him, giving Fett a free aim token when he shoots a wounded unit, potentially allowing him to move, aim, and attack or to even double aim when attacking a wounded high value target.

Another strong consideration is Duck and Cover to help keep Fett alive when he is off away from the bulk of your forces. The extra point of damage reduction combined with his already high damage resistance can keep Fett on the table for quite a while.

As far as Gear upgrades it is a good idea to consider Environmental Gear or other mobility enhancers to get him into position to claim his bounty as early as possible. Other upgrades like Emergency Stims and Targeting Scope are nice if you have the points, but aren’t necessary or always useful with Fett.

However it is important to remember that Fett even without upgrades is rather expensive. So it is best to play test Fett a couple of times and only take the upgrades you are making use of consistently and often.

Wave 3 Update:

With the addition of wave 2 expansions Boba Fett now have access to several new and useful upgrade options such as Tenacity which can increase his melee damage output if you are playing Fett more aggressively – but it is generally advised to play Fett more cautiously.

Suggested Tactics:

Boba Fett is full of tricks and his versatility can keep your opponent constantly guessing what Fett is going to be doing next – you should always use that to your advantage. Undoubtedly Fett’s strongest characteristic is his ability to gain you victory points outside the confines of the scenario… but second to that are his Command Cards. Although you are unlikely to take all three of his in the same Command Hand, your opponent doesn’t know which ones you do or don’t have so you can hold an advantage by threatening all of Fett’s tricks, even if you don’t hold them all.

Generally there are two ways to play Fett, but luckily they dont require much if any changes to the way you upgrade him so you can change styles from game to game or even round to round as you need – Control and Scenario centric.

When playing Fett as a more control centric then Whipcord Launcher and ZX Flame Projector are the cards you are most likely to include. Whipcord Launcher allows you to shut down a key unit for a turn and the Flame Projector allows you to threaten large units or even engage them to tie them up for a turn and then eliminate them on the following turn. When playing for control Fett will often be splitting fire to inflict as much suppression as possible. Fett tends to be upgraded defensively when he is mainly played for control, often taking Duck and Cover and Emergency Stims to keep him alive and protecting your lines as long as possible. When playing control Fett can also be used as a distraction, pushing him off to the flanks or towards a key support piece to divert the opponents attention away from other more impactful units you may have.

Fett can also be played as a scenario focused unit, both as a bounty hunter as well as a durable fast objective grabber. When playing Fett primarily in this way he tends to be upgraded more offensively with equipment like Hunter or Targeting Scopes and bringing his Jetpack Rocket to maximize his chances of claiming his bounty. Fett’s primary goal is to score a point or two and then get quickly back to safety away from the enemy units – ideally by claiming his bounty and recovering a supply or breaking through the enemy lines. It is important to remember that Fett needs to be the one to land the killing blow to gain the bounty and must remain alive with it until the end of the game to actually score that point. Because of this and the low amount of damage Fett actually does, it is a good idea to soften up the target with other units before trying to score with Fett – a couple of strong shots at range should do the trick, either from a couple DLTs or even bikes or ATST. Once Fett has the bounty he’s no good to you dead so get him out of harm’s way and keep him hidden until the end of the game. One scenario point is much more valuable than taking a shot or two and risking Fett.

Fett’s Bounty ability deserves some focus on its own. Not only can it net you an additional objective point outside the confines of the normal objective, but it can also be a strong psychological threat. In most cases it is best to place the bounty token on a commander or operative that Fett can realistically solo on his own – however you can also place the token on a more aggressive unit and position Fett to keep the unit away from key positions. For example if you are up against Luke Skywalker, although he is difficult to kill, if he has a bounty token on him and is up against Fett and a unit of stormtroopers, Luke will think twice about pushing forward – he’ll have to consider if it is worth possibly losing Luke AND giving up an objective point.

Fett’s speed and mobility also make him an ideal flanker if there aren’t great opportunities for him to play control or scenario. Fett can easily run the flanks of the enemies list as either a distraction or to take out key support pieces trying to hide from the rest of your list. This version of Fett plays very similar to the control style, but will often be combining shots instead of splitting fire to ensure that he kills the support target, he will also be using his durability to draw fire away from other units instead of making it back to safety with the objective points.

All said and done though, Fett is very versatile and adaptable. He can be played in many different roles and specialized in different ways depending on which upgrades and command cards you take. His various keywords on his weapons and the fact that he converts surges to crits means that he has no preferred target – he might not do a ton of damage, but he can consistently put a small amount of damage on a trooper or a vehicle reliably. The key thing to remember is to play to his strengths and weaknesses – that he does very little damage but is one of the fastest and most durable units in the game.

Counter Tactics:

Fett can be incredibly frustrating to play against – he is difficult to kill, he is consistently dealing small amounts of damage, he brings tricks to the table that you can’t always predict, and worst of all he threatens to earn the opponent a victory point outside of the normal objective rules.

As far as Fett dealing damage to you goes, this is the least of your worries. He does a rather small amount of damage, although that damage is rather hard to prevent and can come from unexpected distances and vector – and Because of his Sharpshooter 2 ability he ignores all cover you might have meaning only dodges and rolling saves can prevent the trickle of damage he generates.

Fett having tricks in the form of command cards is something you should keep in mind, but not play around. If the idea that Fett might be holding Whipcord Launcher prevents you from sending Luke Skywalker or Royal Guards after him in melee then he will continue to run the board unchecked and won’t have to play the card if you never put him in a scenario where he has to. Similarly if you fear he may be holding a Flame Projector and keep your large units away from him you are giving him extra control of the board. The most important thing to remember is that because Fett’s cards only issue orders to himself, they are quite costly and are unlikely to all be in the opponents command hand – further they are one use tricks, so once you get through them you know that your opponent can’t do it again. The best thing to do is to continue course on the plan that you think is best with a contingency for what to do if Fett does play one of his cards on you – especially Whipcord Launcher, as that can essentially take a turn away from any trooper unit.

Fett being difficult to kill is probably the key thing to remember when playing against him. Fett can withstand huge amounts of punishment with his surging red defense dice – especially if he is able to get into cover. The best way to kill him is through volume of concentrated fire. If you are going to attempt to kill him you should focus as much as you can on him all at once. If you don’t commit to killing he you won’t and will end up wasting time and work you could be putting elsewhere.

If you don’t have an easy target for Fett such as Leia or Veers or the generics then it is worth considering bunching up your troops as much as possible and ignoring him. He won’t do a ton of damage and if he makes a push towards your support or key units you can focus fire on him to end him.

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